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Bike Gears 1.7 for iPhone

The Bike Gears app for iPhone is designed for cycling enthusiasts to calculate common gear ratio values: gear ratio, gain ratio, gear inches and development. It's a great tool for bike builders, mechanics, road, mountain, cyclocross or BMX riders and racers.

Get a quick view of common ratios, or create and share gear charts based on chainring, sprocket, crank length and tire size parameters from a clean, intuitive interface.

Select a pedaling cadence to calculate bike speed (in both km/h and mph) for a given gear and tire size combination.

Save gear charts for later reference or share them by email.

Gear charts also let you see redundancies in gear combinations and experiment with new combinations to find a set of gearing that works best for your riding style. You can also see bike speed for each gear combination at your desired cadence. Make apples to apples comparisons between bikes using normalized ratios that correct for differences in crank lengths or tire sizes. Use built-in tire size presets or specify a custom tire size for ratio calculations.

Bike Gears supports chainrings with 10-90 teeth and rear sprockets with 8-50 teeth and up to 12 cogs on the cassette. Even if you don't have a 12-cog cassette, use the extra fields to compare cassette options in one chart.

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